I believe that the first steps towards achieving career success involve identifying one’s best qualities and interests, and then aligning them with popular roles in the market. Everyone has their own path and stage in life that cannot be confined to the frameworks of general teachings on career growth. Therefore, courses and trainings actually provide little help, as they are not aimed at understanding your individual situation.

Through self-analysis and many attempts, I have been able to improve the quality of my life and continue to move forward on this path, but now not only for external, but also for internal well-being. Neither money nor titles can replace health, whether physical or mental. Unfortunately, we realize this only when it’s already too late.

If you need assistance, I am ready to ask you as many questions as necessary for you to not only understand where to go, but also learn to live independently in accordance with this logic. My task is not only to help you understand your best qualities and find the most suitable path, but also to show you what you need to be prepared for and what you may need to sacrifice to achieve your goals.

Life coaching with me is a bold step where you’ll confront yourself face to face, without the ability to make excuses for your laziness, ego, or greed. But it’s the only path to self-discovery and fundamental happiness. By honestly understanding your motivations for actions, you’ll either consciously abandon your goal or achieve it.

For meeting arrangements, please feel free to contact me first on LinkedIn.